About the Project

‘Know Your Rights’ is a project of Inspire (The Eden and Razzett Foundation) together with Richmond Foundation as a partner. Know Your Rights’ is co-financed by the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme 2018.

The project aims to empower persons with disability and their carers to know the rights of persons with disability and to enable them to seek access to such rights. It does so by establishing an online platform which provides persons with disability and their carers with answers to the questions that are frequently asked and also provides initial guidance on how to access rights and procedures. The project seeks to empower all persons with disability and therefore includes persons with physical disability, mental health issues and learning difficulties. ‘Know Your Rights’ makes information often sought by persons with disability and their carers easily accessible.

The objectives of the project have been met through various activities which included a comprehensive research study into the main issues, interests and obstacles faced by persons with disability, the design and development of FAQs. To make the information more accessible the project has also prepared audio visual features, leaflets and an online platform which contains all the developed FAQs.

The project commenced on the 1st April 2018 and will conclude on the 30th March 2019.